Name It and Lay It Down

At the recent Zoe Leadership Conference one of the speakers read this piece from Kathy Galloway of the Iona Community. I believe this prayer is a helpful tool for experiencing spiritual growth and real, lasting change.

Lord Christ,
help us to have the courage and humility to name our burdens
and lay them down
so that we are light to walk across the water
to where you beckon us.

Our pride,
armoring us,
hardening us,
making us defend our dignity by belittling others
We name it
and we lay it down.

The memory of hurts and insults
driving us to lash out,
to strike back
We name it
and we lay it down.

Our fear,
of unsolved questions,
of the unknown,
of fear itself,
We name it
and we lay it down.

We do not need these burdens,
but we have grown used to carrying them,
have forgotten what it is like to be light.
Beckon us to lightness of being,
for you show us it is not unbearable.
Only so can we close the distance
Only so can we walk upon water.

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