Praying John 14:6

I recently came across this prayer. While I do not know who wrote it, I do know it has been a blessing to my life.

Lord Jesus Christ,
You are The Way, The Truth and The Life.

You are The Way.
Guide me.
Plant my feet firmly in your path
That I may not deviate either to left or to right
But follow You closely:
Just an arm’s length away that I might touch the hem of Your garment:
Within earshot that I might hear Your word and Your will for my life.

You are The Truth
Teach me, Guide me, Illuminate me.
Teach me to worship You in Spirit.
Teach me to worship You in Truth.
So grace me and discipline me, Lord,
That I may exhibit Your Truth and Your Spirit
In my daily walk.

You are The Life
The Life given for me on Calvary
Grant that I might not live
But that You might live in me
Dreaming Your dreams through me
Tasting, touching, sensing, the world
Through me.

Come, Lord Jesus, come in glory.

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