A Sinner’s Prayer

I recently came across this prayer. The only thing I know about the author is revealed in the title. Praying these words from my heart has blessed me in ways I cannot begin to explain.

The only thing I’m really good at is resisting You,
and now I’m at an age when resistance doesn’t have nearly the attraction
it once did.

So I ask You humbly Lord,
make the path to agreement smoother,
help me not to resist Your grace,
because left to myself, I will always choose what I want
over what I really need.

Open my eyes and my heart,
let me see and love You.
And in seeing, let Your light shine through me.
May I become light in light for those around me,
for the salvation of soulsand for the betterment of life here on Earth.

O Lord, do not abandon me as I deserve,
but make haste and help me,
transform me into what You would have me be.

I cannot even will it fully, but what I can do, I shall do.
I am weak, make me weaker that You might
be in complete control.

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