National Geographic: Into the Wild Panama Rainforest

This week I will be in Panama City, Panama for an equipping conference with a number of preachers who work in the Darien Province of Panama. The Darien is perhaps the most primitive region in Panama. Darien consists largely of rainforests and borders Columbia.

Over the last 10 years I have made many trips to Panama and visited many villages in the Darien. I have come to love and appreciate the people there. I have been amazed at the simple life many of the Indian tribes live. When we travel there, we take care to share the gospel of Jesus with them while respectfully leaving their culture intact.

The 5 minute video above is a clip form a National Geographic presentation on the Wild Panama Rainforest that allows you to see some of the beautiful animals, forests, and rivers like those our mission teams have seen over the years. My favorite part might be the leaf-cutter ants. I have seen lines of those ants stretching for as far as you can see.

One thing I found unrealistic – I have never seen a beautiful body of water that wasn’t filled with children playing! Those interested in Panama will enjoy this video journey into the rainforest.

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