Tiny Church Racks Up Victories

Abilene Christian University had their 90th Annual Bible Lectureship this week. My children, who both attend ACU’s Graduate School of Theology, both called me this week to gush about some of the great messages they heard in both keynote sessions and classes.

My son Keith called right after he left a class taught by a minister from Dallas named Ken Greene. He had been touched by the story of one church doing whatever they could to bring about justice in their community.

The next day The Abilene Reporter-News reported on the class, printing an article entitled, Tiny Church Racks Up Victories.

The work of this congregation in seeking justice for the community (a topic straight out of the Old Testament prophets) is such an inspiration. I don’t see how you can read about what they did without asking “What can I do right where I am?”

I hope you have time to read the article I have linked above.

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