Drought Puts Church’s Baptisms On Hold

Tuesday while I was in Memphis for a funeral and my step-father’s oncology appointment a few drops of rain hit the car windshield. I say a few drops, but I can be more specific because I counted them. That’s right, I counted the raindrops. There were 14 that hit the windshield of my car.

Why am I counting raindrops? We have not had any measureable rain at my house since sometime back in July. We had none throughout the entire month of August. We have done some watering to keep the bushes alive but the grass was scorched several weeks ago.

I have done some complaining about our situation. I have prayed for rain.

But suddenly I’m not in so much of a complaining mood. What made the difference? I read this article about the drought in Rock Springs, SC that is so severe some churches have had to delay baptisms. Now that is a serious drought!

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