Now This Is A Rivalry!

I thought the rivalry between the University of Memphis and the University of Tennessee was fierce. I thought the enmity between cross-town rivals USC and UCLA was as bad as it gets.

I was wrong.

If you want to read about rivalry of a sort that you will never forget, then click on the link provided below. But let me first warn you — once you have read this story — you can’t un-read it.

The whole thing unfolds in an Oklahoma City bar where a University of Oklahoma fan (who works as a church auditor and serves as a church deacon) went to play darts. When he saw another patron who was wearing a University of Texas shirt, things, shall we say, got out of hand.

This story hits close to home for me, since my colleague in the next office is a die-hard University of Oklahoma fan who grew up just minutes from the Norman campus. To make matters worse, two of our church elders are loyal University of Texas fans who have been known to sport Longhorn apparel.

Well, here is the link, but if you click on it, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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