Helping Children Through Divorce

“Children Come First” is a new program in Erie County, NY designed to encourage parents to put first the needs of their children, even during a divorce. The program recognizes the pain children suffer as a result of their parents’ divorce and seeks to minimize the trauma.

Will the program have an impact? While I don’t know the answer, I am thankful that this government realizes the plight of children in divorce and is at least trying to do something to help.

Not sure whether to click the above link and read the article? Well here are the first four paragraphs to help you decide:

State Supreme Court Justice Janice Rosa listened to the combative couple before her in matrimonial court, then delivered her message: Grow up.

After all, they chose to get married and have children, she said, admonishing them to take responsibility for their problems. “These are just immature people,” Rosa said after the couple left.

“They chose each other. They didn’t just have some car accident where they ran into each other and decided to sue each other.”

Another couple’s attorneys argue over a 5-year-old’s nights and weekends. The boy has not spent a day out of the mother’s care for more than five years, one attorney contends. The child has taken to saying, “Mommy needs me.”

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