License Plate Theology

Saturday morning Lourene and I had stop by Kroger and pick up a few groceries. I parked the car and we began walking toward the door when I was stopped in my tracks. I have a habit of trying to park in the outer sections of a store’s parking lot so as to get a little exercise on the way in. So, we had a pretty good walk to get to the store.

Well, there was this car parked in the lot that we had to pass on our way into the store. While passing by I got a glimpse of the front license plate. Understand that the state of Tennessee does not require an official state-issued license plate on the front of a vehicle. So many people have displayed a front license plate to send a message or to demonstrate their loyalties. For example, I have a Baltimore Orioles plate on the front of my car in order to indicate I am longsuffering and have a sense of humor.

Anyway, we pass this car and I get a look at the license plate and I stop in my tracks, thinking I must have misread the words.

Surely it doesn’t say what I think it said!?!

I called for Lourene to stop, explaining that she had to get a look at this car. We both go in for a closer look. Lourene gasped. My fears were confirmed. The license plate message was exactly as I had thought.

The message on the front of this brand new Jaguar was a simple and straightforward theological statement: “I’m not spoiled, God just loves me!”

O God, save us from ourselves.

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