A Prayer for Pentecost

Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord!
Be all Thy graces now outpoured
On each believer’s mind and heart;
Thy fervent love to them impart.
Lord, by the brightness of Thy light,
Thou in the faith doth men unite
Of ev’ry land and ev’ry tongue;
This to Thy praise, O Lord, our God, be sung.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Thou holy Light, Guide, Divine,
Oh, cause the Word of life to shine!
Teach us to know our God aright
And call Him Father with delight.
From ev’ry error keep us free;
Let none but Christ our Master be
That we in living faith abide,
In Him, our Lord, with all our might confide.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Thou holy Fire, Comfort true,
Grant us the will Thy work to do
And in thy service to abide,
Let trials turn us not aside.
Lord, by Thy pow’r prepare each heart
And to our weakness strength impart,
That bravely here we may contend,
Through life and death to Thee, our God, ascend.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The above words are from a hymn composed by Martin Luther in 1524. I am quoting them from The Contemporaries Meet The Classics on The Holy Spirit, compiled by Randall Harris, pp. 54-55.

This helpful volume contains quotations from authors both contemporary (after 1950) and classic (before 1950). Authors quoted include A. W. Tozer, Oswald Chambers, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Jim Cymbala, Augustine of Hippo, Hans Kung, Karl Barth, Andrew Murray, and many others.

Quotations are divided into the following categories:

Character and Characteristics of the Holy Spirit
The Power of the Holy Spirit
The Purpose of the Holy Spirit
The Workings of the Holy Spirit
The Presence of the Holy Spirit
Life Lived in the Spirit
The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

This book provides a good introductory survey of literature on the Holy Spirit.

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