A Marriage That’s Good Enough

The link is to an audio file from NPR’s All Things Considered in which Corrine Colbert talks about sticking with her husband even though they do not have a perfect, fairy tale marriage.

She writes —

Alas, too many of us buy into a different adage: that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. From movies to magazines to commercials, we’re told we should demand more from lives that are, for many of us, pretty good. We’re supposed to look better, eat better, find better jobs, be better lovers and parents and workers. A stable marriage isn’t enough; it’s supposed to be a fairy tale. Perfection is the goal.

But at what cost?

Her perspective runs counter to that held by many — that unless my marriage perfectly meets my needs “I am out of here!” She makes the case for sticking with an okay marriage rather than bailing in a quest to find that perfect, romantic utopia. The question she raises about the goal of perfection is one we need to give some reflection: “But at what cost?”

I appreciate the honesty with which Corinne Colbert writes and speaks. And I appreciate her commitment to marriage in an age when many do not agree.

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