Daddy-Daughter Date Night

Since my daughter was just a little girl she and I have regularly shared Daddy-Daughter Date Nights. We have done all kinds of things together — from Sesame Street on Ice to concerts to travelling Broadway productions. One of the most vivid memories of a Daddy-Daughter Date Night was the time when Laura was still in elementary school and we went to an Olive Garden for dinner. Laura decided to ask for “extra-extra garlic” on our breadsticks. I think she was somewhat surprised when the waiter said, “Sure.” We both smelled of garlic for nearly a week after we ate it. To this day we still talk about that being the best bread we have ever eaten.

Well Laura is not a little girl anymore, but we still enjoy an occasional Daddy-Daughter Date Night. Tomorrow I am going to make a quick trip to Houston so we can see the production of Spamalot together. I am so excited to have this time with her. I don’t know where we will eat dinner before or after Spamalot, but I bet one of us will joke about ordering “extra-extra garlic.”

God is so good.

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