Several years ago Lourene and I were in a movie theater watching In the Line of Fire. The movie stars Clint Eastwood as a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the President of the United States and John Malkovich as the assassin who is trying to kill him.

The intensity of the movie built as the assassin’s plan to kill the President began to unfold. As I sat next to Lourene I could tell she really was getting into the movie. But even though I knew she was getting more and more nervous, I was not ready for what happened next. In a pivotal moment in the movie where the agent is looking for the assassin Lourene actually spoke out loud trying to help Clint Eastwood, “Watch out! He’s right behind you!”

The people sitting around us laughed, Lourene was momentarily humiliated but seconds later was absorbed in the plot again. We were both exhausted when we left the theater that day. What an intense experience!

That’s the only time my wife has ever done anything like that in a movie theater. But I cannot tell you how many times I have seen her get equally absorbed in a passage of Scripture. As I consider all the things I appreciate about my wife on this, our 28th anniversary, right at the top of the list has to be the way she totally loses herself when reading Scripture. And often as she reads she will say out loud to me, “He’s right here! God is right here with us”

Every time I see Clint Eastwood I think about that moment and I give thanks for a wife who loves to get totally lost in God.

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