A Call to Prayer

The title of the article caught my eye – What Iraq’s Christians Need. So I read the piece which included some good information about how the Christians of Iraq can be helped. While I enjoyed the article, the following lines brought me to tears.

“Last October 21, radical Muslim insurgents burst into an Iraqi workplace in Baqouba, northeast of Baghdad. There they confronted 14-year-old Ayad Tariq and asked for his identity card. After noting his Christian affiliation and questioning him, they declared him a “dirty Christian sinner” and, according to media reports, beheaded him on the spot.”
From What Iraq’s Christians Need in Christianity Today


Can you even imagine?

They are so easy to forget, these Christians of Iraq. But we must not forget them and what they endure everyday. What do they need? Sure there are political considerations as we answer that question. But perhaps more than anything, they need our prayers.

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