Leaving Christ Out Of Christmas

Stanford Chambers wrote the following article entitled, “Leaving Christ out of Christmas.” It was printed in the December 1928 issue of Word and Work, edited by R. H. Boll.

Leaving Christ out of Christmas
A very common way of writing it now is “Xmas” – leaving Christ out of Christmas. So also is He largely left out of modern observance of the day professedly kept in His honor. What is there in the season’s revelry and carousal, and fleshly indulgence to honor Christ or even remind one of Him?

This paper is not a discussion of Christmas as to its origin nor as to whether the world had been better off without the observance. Christmas is on the calendar of Christendom and in some manner is universally observed. It will be observed again this year by both Catholics and Protestants – hardly one of our readers excepted.

This is a plea, therefore, that so far as His followers are concerned, Christ be given a place in all our activities of the season. Since He would be in all our days He should be in the day called Christmas. Just as He should be in all our giving so He should be in our Christmas giving. Let not the pride, selfishness, love of display or of praise or other vainglory of the flesh have any part or lot in what we do. To the extent that they have we leave Christ out. While many are giving to receive again, or for show or from false pride, it is a good time for those who are Christ’s to remember the poor and the blind and the halt and those sick or in prison; and in His name to minister unto them. So shall we represent Him, exemplify His teaching, be channels of blessings, increase gratitude and glory to Him and be the richer in joy ourselves.

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