Men and Women in the Church

I have heard some wonderful endorsements of Sarah Sumner’s book, Men and Women in the Church. I am eagerly anticipating starting the read in a couple of weeks (there are several must-finishes and a couple of more must-reads before I can begin). I did take a few minutes to read the foreword by Phillip E. Johnson and it really got me excited about getting started. Consider these words from the foreword:

“Not everyone will agree with all of Dr. Sumner’s answers, but I think it more important that impartial readers will agree that she raises the right questions. I remember a distinguished scholar who, informed that I was supporting Sarah’s project, assumed that it must be primarily about which church offices should be open to women. That is precisely the wrong question to start with, akin to the wrangling for position that characterized the disciples at their worst. Sarah starts with a much better question. How should men and women regard and treat each other if they are both truly faithful to the gospel of Christ and value truth more than personal power.”

How often I have started with the wrong questions! I have no idea what the book will be like, but I can hardly wait to find out!

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