My wife and I were blessed last week with several hours of relaxation, prayer and mediation at the Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, CA. This experience, coming on the heels of the amazing worship, fellowship, and teaching at the Pepperdine University Bible Lectures, was especially meaningful.

We spent some unhurried time prayerfully reflecting on Jesus’ experience on the cross, walked through a prayer labyrinth to consider our mission, and then retreated to the point where we just sat.

Just sitting at the point is an amazing experience. Mountains to our right. Mountains behind us. A canyon to our left. The Pacific Ocean before us. Just sitting there — high above the hurried traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway and the sprawling estates of some of the biggest names in Hollywood is a great place to gain some perspective on life.

At one point my meditation was interrupted by the loud buzzing sound of what I thought at first to be a bee. When I opened my eyes and put on my glasses I realized a hummingbird was about 2 feet from my nose – just hovering there and checking me out.

I am happy to be home, refreshed, relaxed and thankful for perspective provided by that time of stillness.

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