Top 10 Songs

The CCLI (the company that gives churches a license to print or project songs) website recently reported the top 25 songs reported by USA churches in their reports of songs used in February 2005.

Here’s the top 10 —

  1. Here I am to Worship
  2. Open The Eyes of My Heart
  3. Lord I Lift Your Name on High
  4. Shout to the Lord
  5. Come Now is The Time to Worship
  6. You Are My King
  7. Forever
  8. God of Wonders
  9. You Are My All in All
  10. Breath

At Skyline we have sung 7 of the top 10 and 15 of the top 25, not bad at all for a church committed to a blended worship style. I look forward to learning the rest of these songs and using them as tools to worship our Almighty God. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing this info with me!

Follow this link to see the rest of the USA list and lists from other countries –

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