Audio Wallpaper

Sometimes I listen to music over and over again until it becomes like audio wallpaper. But every once in a while, familiar lyrics can just touch my heart, as if I am hearing them for the first time. Today was one of those days.

Grace from If I Left The Zoo by Jars of Clay

God, I admit I haven’t changed

Playing card houses still covering my landscape

I never expected You to stay

When I’m grabbing for these crumbs and cold loose change

I feel Your grace come running over every road

I love the way You’re calling overflow

I feel Your grace come running over every road

You break the floodgates down and carry all

God, I admit that I’ve loved these chains

And crawling around this cage sometimes has its advantages

I know someday this could get old

And I’ll need Your healing water to find my home

Today, these lyrics are my story. No, they are my prayer. I’m chained in the cage, grabbing for crumbs and change, and God’s grace is running over me. That is grace!

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